Derick Dickens

Derick Dickens

Director of Training and Development
Langley Federal Credit Union

Derick (M.A., MBA, MDiv) has worked in Leadership Development for companies like DISH Network and J. Crew as well as consulted for Government, non-profits, and businesses and is currently the Director of Training and Development at Langley. An award-winning speaker, he has received congressional accolades for his leadership and public speaking and has been featured at various business and community events. Derick is also Lead MBA Professor of Business and Human Resources and teaches at both the undergraduate and Master’s level. When not working, speaking, teaching, and researching, Derick is actively involved in his church, enjoys running, and investing in his family and future leaders. Derick is married to Lacie, his wife of 21 years, and they have three children: Acacia (18), Elianna (16), and Liberty (14).

Science: Unlock the Key to Success at Work
1:10PM - 2:00PM

There is one thing that sets great employees apart from others. If you possess one key attribute, you are more likely to get promoted, influence your boss and peers, and be seen as a better leader by others. This one key attribute is known to improve other areas of life too. What is this one attribute? Hint: it isn’t IQ or technical ability. In this course, 20 years of research is used to provide the hidden key to success, and a set of five skills will be discussed to maximize your effectiveness in all of life.

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