Gwen Marlow

Gwen Marlow

Director of Workforce Diversity, Inclusion and Associate Engagement
NEXCOM Enterprise

G. B. Marlow is currently the Director of Workforce Diversity, Inclusion and Associate Engagement for the NEXCOM Enterprise, responsible for directing its Diversity Initiatives. Prior to joining NEXCOM, she was co-owner of TMRG, Inc., a human resources management consulting firm specializing in providing clients sound, effective solutions to workplace issues, held leadership positions of increasing responsible with Fortune 500 companies in such industries as Information Technology, Manufacturing, Transportation; and served on the boards of non-profit organizations. She has done extensive research in Employment and Diversity Best Practices; and her experience in private industry includes in-depth work with labor unions.

Diversity & Inclusion: From Awareness to Action
2:10PM - 3:00PM

As demographics continue to change, it is critical to understand and get to know others as complete individuals, not solely by their race, ethnicity, age, gender, national origin sexual orientation or disability, etc. These attributes are essential to who we are; however, these attributes should not limit how we interact with others. Every individual has a set of experiences and values that define them; and if we want to be effective at building sound interpersonal relationships and a workplace free of all forms of discrimination, we must work diligently to understand each other better, which can begin with a simple conversation.

This session will explore how to:

  • Appropriately define Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement
  • Build authentic relationships across differences
  • Discuss ways to promote equity and inclusion
  • Understand one’s own biases