Jessica Ingram

Jessica Ingram, MS

Employee Education and Development Trainer
Optima EAP

Jessica Ingram has been with Optima EAP since 2013 and has facilitated over 1,500 hours of employee assistance program training. She holds a Master of Science degree in Business and Industry Training and a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Service Counseling. She has been in training and development for over 15 years with experience with public, private sector and healthcare clients. During this time, Jessica has developed and designed instructor-led and web-based training classes. Consulted with leaders on organizational development, facilitated various topics based on company needs and partnered with employees on the best approach in the learning environment. Her area of expertise is incorporating engagement and practical practices in her curriculum. Jessica’s energy can be felt when you walk into her training classes.

Stress in the Workplace
10:15AM - 11:05AM

This course is designed to help individuals productively manage stressors commonly experienced the workplace. Discussion identifies the business situations and employee issues that often create stress, common signs of stress, and potential impacts to worker’s abilities and interpersonal relationships. Participants will learn strategies to respond to stress in healthy and productive ways, to practice proactive self-care, and to build resiliency against future stressors.