Workshops 2019

Want to learn about investing in the stock market? Have questions about what a stock, bond, or mutual fund is? Come checking out the Investing 101 course. You will learn about basic concepts of investing along with ways to handle market volatility in your portfolio, asset allocation, the importance of time while investing and more.

Location: Room 201-202

Do you often feel there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish all on your to-do list? Find yourself stressed-out by clutter? Having trouble achieving a work-life balance that feels sustainable and productive? In this workshop, Mindy will share practical tips that can offer participants confidence as they attempt to get the most out of each day, including a discussion of key techniques: realistic goal-setting, minimizing excess and distractions, prioritizing self-care, and strategies to navigate life transitions with less stress.

Location:Room 203-204

This course is designed to help individuals productively manage stressors commonly experienced the workplace. Discussion identifies the business situations and employee issues that often create stress, common signs of stress, and potential impacts to worker’s abilities and interpersonal relationships. Participants will learn strategies to respond to stress in healthy and productive ways, to practice proactive self-care, and to build resiliency against future stressors.

Location:Room 106

In a world where you're trying to be successful, fit, rested, healthy, positive, mindful, patient and more... it can be overwhelming. Alice and Karol will guide you through their top daily actions for lasting personal wellness.

Location: Room 102-103

Do you want to lead a team where the team members are engaged, focused on the success of the team, and excited to be at work? Engaged teams are 21% more effective than non-engaged teams, but learning how to create engagement is challenging. In this course, participants will learn six simple and practical steps to leading a team and engaging them to perform their best.

Location: Room 101